That last unexpected bout of snow and cold weather seems to be well and truly over now, and with any luck, we can finally begin enjoying Spring and looking forward to summer. For a few days at Easter, however, the Lakes was covered with several inches of unseasonal snow. Unsurprisingly, its beauty didn’t suffer for it, and we were treated to several days of sugar-dusted fells and incredible natural ice sculptures. Here are a few pictures of the magic:

View of the central feels from Gummer’s How.

A snowy view from the head of Coniston.

Yew Tree Farm, Coniston – Owned by Beatrix Potter and used in the film ‘Miss Potter’ as Hill Top. Visit their website at

Sunlight on the Pikes at Blea Tarn, Little Langdale

The view to Great Langdale from the top of the pass.

Icicles at the top of Aira Force.