Great news for whiskey lovers!

Scotland has always been the ultimate destination for whiskey lovers throughout the world. But now the Lakes can enjoy a part of Britain’s rich whiskey producing heritage now that the new Lakes Distillery has been given the green light!

Once a part of Scotland, Cumbria’s mountainous landscape, abundance of pure, natural spring water and clean, crisp air make conditions perfect for whiskey production. The Lakes also has a long history of bootlegged whiskey and this new venture plans to legitimise a tradition of Cumbrian moonshine that is centuries old. Read about the history of Lake District bootleggers here.

Paul Currie, Lake District Distillery

Paul Currie, founder of the Lakes Distillery – Image c/o

The founder of The Lakes Distillery is Paul Currie, co-founder of the Arran Distillery in Scotland. His ambition to reintroduce whiskey production in the Lakes stems from the global surge in interest in single malts, and was inspired by the Lake District’s Celtic heritage. Read and interview with Paul here.

The site for the new distillery will be a converted Victorian farm on the shores of the beautiful Bassenthwaite lake. The site will also boast a visitor’s centre which will tell the story of whiskey in the Lakes and the modern process of production, as well as offering the chance for visitors to sample the malts for themselves. There will also be a bar and bistro, and the enterprise looks set to be a unmissable Lake District experience! The distillery will also be producing its own gin, using native Lake District¬†botanical, so all is not lost for those who don’t have a taste for whiskey. Best of all, the Lakes Distillery is committed to environmentally friendly production and are taking all necessary steps to ensure their venture is as green as possible!

The beautiful Bassenthwaite, site of the new Lakes Distillery – Image c/o